About Luscious Hotel

- Boutique Business Hotel
- Green Concept
- 36 Rooms
- 1 Destination: Penang, Malaysia.

Our Positioning Statement

Luscious Hotel positions itself as a Premier budget business hotel offerings a little touch a luxury with its boutique style of designs and services.

Our People

Luscious Hotel takes pride that its team has a good mix of working with all races in Malaysia. They are multilingual and possess an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. We place high emphasis on staff development within the hotel group, from rank and file, supervisory to the management level.

Our History

Under Lean Chin Group Malaysia.


To be the preferred hotel to provide a memorable experience to all our customers in every aspect of their stay.


A total commitment to provide quality and ethical services to our customers, clients and partners at all times.


1. We are committed to our guests

  • We deliver 100% guest satisfaction.
  • We engage to exceed their expectation with our services.

2. We are committed to our employees

  • We train our employees and give them the support they need to work towards the accomplishment of our company goals.
  • We make sure to suffering our employees a dynamic and challenging work environment with foster personal & professional growth.
  • We recognize and treasure employees' contributions.

3. We committed our shareholders

  • We strike to deliver high returns on investment
  • We practicing good management ethics.

4. We committed to the sociocultural, environment & economical aspect of our community

  • We contribute to the economic, social & environment well- being of the community.
  • We apply green concepts and using recycling items thus ensuring proper use of diminishing natural resources.

Green Objective

1. We try our very best in protecting and enhancing our environment for future generations.

2. We help to ensure this by: Minimizing our waste, energy and water usage.

3. We put into practice in 3R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible.

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